Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive Search is used in a variety of recruitment situations; confidential appointments, vacancies that require rare skills or experience, or to attract individuals from specific business functions, companies or markets that are not currently job seeking.

The beginning of an assignment is to take a detailed brief from the client serving to define the key parameters, which are then agreed & documented. Following this, an assignment study is carried out by Mackenzie Stuart to fully understand the business environment, culture & role requirements. This enables us to define the position & candidate specification including the responsibilities & challenges involved in the position along with the experience, qualifications & competencies of the ideal individual. The key competencies are used within the selection process to evaluate the fit of each of the candidates.

This completed, we carry out targeted research into companies & sectors to identify those people best qualified for the role in question & take independent views and opinions to underpin their experience & qualifications. We approach potential candidates & discuss the role with them to determine their suitability & interest. Suitable candidates are then invited to rigorous, competency-based interviews & we take external references & verify their expertise. We will then report to the client on the assessment of each candidate’s match to the specification.

Once the preferred candidate has been selected by the client & an offer made, we will assist with negotiations & courteously manage those that have been unsuccessful. We also ensure the success of the hire by assisting in any way that we can during the integration of the individual into the organisation.

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