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The Industrial space is one of our core areas of expertise and we are a trusted search partner to a diverse range of clients within the global industrial markets. Our experts have a deep knowledge and understanding of industry trends, emerging technologies and sector specific challenges that affect organisations talent management strategies.

Our experts have a global network of contacts, technical understanding and importantly, a highly regarded reputation across the Agriculture, Automation, Automotive, Chemicals, Infrastructure, Logistics & Supply Chain, Packaging, Natural Resources, TIC and Water industries. Within these core industries, we have specialist consultants operating within niche sub-sectors, meaning that we truly understand the industry and domain in which our clients operate.

Our Industrial team successfully complete assignments in every corner of the world and operate across multiple functions including sales & marketing, operations, manufacturing, HR and QHSE. Our experts build long lasting partnerships with our clients and over 75% of our searches are repeat business, build on the foundations of previous successful assignments.


The rising Global population and the increasing awareness in sustainability is seeing a major shift in the consumer demands. Organisations must balance the requirement for increased food production, with minimising the environmental impact and detrimental effects to the global population. The Agricultural sector is also seeing rapid technological advancements across production and supply chain operations to maximise productivity and executive leaders must be at the forefront of innovation within the industry.

Our Agriculture specialists work closely with organisations in the Agrochemical, Biotech & Cannabis industries across the globe to provide high calibre talent to meet our clients’ requirements within this critical and rapidly evolving industry.


Manufacturers are continuously looking for Automation solutions to increase output, reduce costs and drive overall improvements in production efficiency. These solutions come in all different shapes and sizes. Automotive titans such as GM and Ford were some of the first to implement automation technologies, robotizing their welding, painting and assembly processes. However nowadays, even SMEs and Start-ups are investing in complete IIoT and Digitalization frameworks to interconnect a multitude of automation technologies, furthering the ability to collate manufacturing data and facilitate productivity and efficiency increases.

To best capitalize on the industry’s exciting future, Automation manufacturers face the challenge of attracting and hiring the most capable talent. Our Automation division consist of a team of industry experts work cross functionally throughout Process & Factory Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical Automation, Test & Measurement and Material Handling & Robotics. Operating globally, we partner with clients ranging from large-cap Fortune 500 Manufacturers to small privately-owned Integrators and distributors. Companies that choose to engage Mackenzie Stuart will have access to our unrivalled candidate database, deep industry knowledge and retained search service, ultimately ensuring that the candidates provided will not just be of the highest calibre but also best suited to both the company culture and organizational needs.


The automotive sector is experiencing a major transformation as technology and digitalisation sweeps through the industry. As the Automotive industry adapts and embraces new technologies, organisations will require markedly different capabilities and skillsets in their executive leadership teams. As the industry evolves with trends such as connected vehicles, hybrid fuel technologies and e-mobility services, organisations must be ready for their people and leaders to evolve at the same pace.

Mackenzie Stuart’s expert consultants are ready to drive change within the automotive industry and have extensive experience of partnering with large multinationals to PE backed start-ups including automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and aftermarket service providers.


A period of uncertainty disrupts the global chemicals industry. Rising raw material costs and volatility in the Oil & Gas space have meant added pressures on the market. Leading organisations must be creative to separate themselves from others, in the form of cutting-edge R&D, more sustainable solutions and relevant digitalisation. Consequently, leaders in the chemicals industry must be cross-functionally experienced with strong business acumen, supply chain knowledge and an appreciation for technical and regulatory protocols. With the expectation on leaders so high, organizations must stay ahead of the curve with internal employee development, current market insights and recruitment.

Mackenzie Stuart helps our clients reshape their organisation by developing their leadership teams and offering bespoke solutions into succession planning which helps them identify, acquire and retain executives with right cultural fit and the industry knowledge to make their business succeed. Our chemicals consultants operate with global reach and wield extensive market knowledge to help the maintain a relevant network and source relevant and suitable talent.

Industrial Manufacturing

The ever-changing landscape of the Industrial Manufacturing space has seen revolutionary change over recent decades. Industry 4.0 and all its relevant technological advances have presented Industrial Manufacturers with a variety of challenges in order to modernize and stay competitive. It is vital that companies in the space are able to attract and retain the best talent – Industrial Manufacturers need to ensure their sales teams are effective, their operations are efficient, and their R&D is innovative.

Mackenzie Stuart’s Manufacturing team has successfully placed cross functionally with a variety of different organizations across the globe. We partner with both Established global players alongside dynamic start-ups, helping to build and strengthen their Sales, Operations, Technical and Finance teams.


Due to the dynamic and innovative nature of the construction industry the need for niche, market leading talent has never been more important for firms to succeed and achieve a competitive advantage. We understand that our client’s ability to deliver high quality and industry leading solutions depends on their talent and leadership strength. We understand the trends and changing landscape of the infrastructure industry, allowing us to understand our clients’ requirements and allowing us to deliver a high-end executive search service.

Our experienced and specialist built environment and infrastructure consultants are experts in their specific subsectors and have an extensive network of senior professionals allowing us access to the most experienced and sought-after talent. We specialise in Heavy Civil, Building Materials, Built Environment, and Infrastructure, covering mid-senior level executives within the industry.

Logistics & Supply Chain

The logistics industry underpins every corner of the complex, globalised economy of the world today. From fulfilment of online orders to multinational manufacturing processes, supply chains impact and influence everything in our lives, providing us with the clothes that we wear to the cars we drive.

Mackenzie Stuart has a proven track record within the logistics industry, working alongside some of the world’s leading entities as well as SME’s specialising in nationwide offerings. From Contract Logistics and Warehousing solution providers to Freight Forwarders and Trucking companies, our specialist team have an in-depth understanding of the sector. Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to produce results in a fast paced and diverse industry, with well-established relationships with partners around the globe.


Packaging plays a key role in almost all industries and is a fundamental aspect of supply chain management. The packaging industry faces various challenges including ever-changing consumer demand and brand owner trends, manufacturing technology advancements, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Our specialist consultants in the packaging industry cover a diverse range of role functions and sub-sectors including Corrugated Packaging, Folding Carton, Flexible Packaging, Rigid Packaging (Plastic, Metal and Glass), Labels and Printing, Packaging Machinery and Equipment. Operating in these niche sectors has allowed us to develop an extensive network and strong technical understanding of the industry.

Natural Resources

The world is dependent on energy and the natural resources industry is enduring some of the most radical change it has ever experienced. Technology, geopolitics, environmental pressures, and demand for sustainable energy sources are driving an unprecedented level of change within the industry. Our clients’ leaders must be prepared to adapt and change at the same pace as the industry around them to ensure that organisations are competitive, prepared and resilient to industry challenges.

Our consultants in the Natural Resources industry have a diverse network and expertise across multiple sectors including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Mining, Power and Utilities. Our clients include oil and gas operators, oilfield service companies, manufacturers, contractors, consultancies, and private equity firms. We have successfully placed technical specialists, mid-level management and senior executives across the global Natural Resources industry.

Testing, Inspection & Certification

Due to the continued introduction of new standards and legislations, the global Testing, Inspection & Certification industry is an agile, ever-changing market spanning multiple verticals and has a significant impact on numerous elements of day-to-day life. It is therefore imperative that TIC companies have access to specialist talent to ensure the safety, quality and optimal performance of products, systems and infrastructures.

We have a team of specialist consultants who cover all market niches within the TIC industry, including Food & Agriculture, Consumer Goods & Retail, Oil & Energy, and Transportation. Operating in such niche markets allows consultants to establish an extensive network and a sound technical understanding of their respective vertical. We work with a range of organisations, across all functions, from SMEs through to multi-national corporations and private-equity groups, specialising in mid-level management to Executive and C-level searches globally.


Water is a critical resource that faces severe challenges in its supply for residential, commercial, and industrial usage. There has been a continued surge in companies and institutions that are committed to provide innovative solutions and services to improve water management across the globe.

Our specialist executive search consultants’ partner with manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of water/wastewater chemistry and equipment. We also assist consultancies and contractors that design, build and operate industrial and municipal water/wastewater projects and plants. We have successfully completed both search assignments across the globe, from engineers to senior and C-Level executives. We continue to support both market leading multi-nationals, as well as small/medium enterprises.

Our Industrial Experts

Will Peeke-Vout


Will Peeke-Vout


Will is a Director at Mackenzie Stuart and shares overall leadership responsibility for the firm’s global operations, P&L, sales and strategic development.

After graduating from the University of Leeds with an honour’s degree in Business Management, Will joined Mackenzie Stuart in 2011 as a Consultant within the Energy & Natural Resources practice. Today Will has a broad focus on Industrial related searches and has recruited across a range of sectors including Energy, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Private Equity and Testing, Inspection & Certification.

As a member of the Board, Will has a particular focus on developing the firm’s profile and relationships, implementing growth strategy, and diversifying the firm’s industry expertise.

Nichola Howarth

Michael Bate

Managing Consultant

Michael Bate

Managing Consultant

Michael heads up the Manufacturing, Automation and Technology team, specialising in the source and supply of experienced professionals within a wide range of functions, Senior Management, Research & Development, Sales and Marketing, Business Development & Strategy, Supply Chain and Operations.

His team specialize in senior and niche appointments across a multitude of verticals within the space including Factory Automation, Machine Vision, Instrumentation, Warehouse Automation, Test & Measurement and Semiconductors. He also works closely with numerous PE-backed Industrial Manufacturing organizations on leadership transformation assignments.

Michael’s team are well-known and well-regarded in the industry – they have completed a number of challenging assignments whilst operating with a high level of diligence, aptitude and confidentiality.

Harry Francis

Joseph Campbell

Managing Consultant

Joseph Campbell

Managing Consultant

Joe Campbell is an Managing Consultant in our Logistics & Supply Chain team. With a focus on the North American market, Joe has made placements within some of the world’s leading Third-Party Logistics companies.

Working as part of the wider Logistics division, Joe has fostered relationships with key industry decision makers and has established a network that spans both cross-functionally and across multiple service verticals.

Greg Spruce

James Connelly

Divisional Manager

James Connelly

Divisional Manager

James is a Divisional Head for the Industrial segment, leading specialized teams into Specialty Chemicals, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Construction. The teams operate on a global scale and focus on leadership positions within their target industries.

James’ own discipline is focused on talent solutions for Fortune 500, Private Equity backed and Start-up organizations in the CASE, Inks and Plastics markets. He has established himself as highly regarded and trusted partner to hiring teams and candidates and specializes in building long term relationships with the industry.

James graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Microbiology which lends itself to some technical aspects in the Chemicals industry. If you’re planning to hire valued and high performing talent, or are considering a career move, please don’t hesitate to reach out to James or his team.

Ross McCormack

Daniel Lloyd

Managing Consultant

Daniel Lloyd

Managing Consultant

Dan is an executive search consultant in the packaging and packaging machinery industry. The versatile nature of this industry is something that lends itself well to both Dan’s ingenuity and business acumen.

Dan understands the challenges facing modern businesses due to his BA in Business Management and Marketing. Dan’s BA situates him perfectly to recruit for both an individual’s or business’ requirements, with a detailed understanding and personable attitude. Dan’s openness and experience in a variety of cultures and languages makes him flexible and adaptable to any international business setting.

Enya Innes