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Life Sciences

In a high growth industry focused on utilising science & technology for the advancement of global health improvement, it is imperative for Life Science companies to be at the forefront of innovation. Organizations within the sector must show agility and ingenuity to combat the evolving issues within global health environment. The use of digitalization across the industry has spurred a new route for progress and not only overcomes challenges of safety and accessibility but also puts emphasis on accuracy and efficiency for organizations worldwide. Adapting to both challenges and technological advancements with the right selection of talent will be crucial for companies, new and old, to thrive.

We have a dedicated division of consultants working across the Life science industry offering comprehensive search and selection solutions, providing our clients with quality candidates across the board. We cover a multitude of market segments including, BioPharma, Clinical Research, Diagnostics & Genomics and Molecular Biology and within each vertical our consultants have deep market knowledge and an understanding of how to tackle talent challenges. Our approach enables us to develop a complete understanding of an organizations needs and in turn we deliver high-performing talent that will create future opportunities for growth.


Bioinformatic tools and analysis allow for a deeper understanding of genetics and genomic data to support scientific research. The need for managing and analysing biological data is growing every day allowing advancements in biological research to improve human life.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence market is significantly expanding, touching various divisions within Life Science. AI machine models can successfully perform human tasks such as analysing and interpreting data as well as assisting with problem solving, at a fraction of the time, in a cost-effective manner, with a great degree of accuracy. Its expansion benefits both the industry and patients throughout healthcare. Data Scientists play a crucial role in the AI evolution, bridging the gap between domains of life science and technology.


The need for outsourcing clinical trials is more prevalent now than ever, with chronic diseases having a global impact on all facets of life. The ability for new treatments to be approved through extensive research can only have a positive impact on the quality of life by those affected. Through a rise in digitalisation, we can see the evolution of clinical trials, new technology allows for trials to be conducted safely and accurately overcoming new challenges of the future.

Laboratory Equipment & Analytical Instrumentation

The Laboratory Equipment & Analytical Instrumentation industry is a rapidly growing market, valued at $60B and expected to rise considerably in the coming years. With the ever-changing landscape of Healthcare and Life sciences, it is pivotal to have specialist understanding and extensive market knowledge of laboratory equipment & analytical instrumentation to traverse this highly specialized market.

At Mackenzie Stuart, our accomplished and experienced consultants work closely with clients in support of their growth, offering years of market-specific experience and a bespoke, tailored approach in providing access to top talent.

In Vitro Diagnostics

With an estimated worth of $115bn in 2026, the IVD industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors at Mackenzie Stuart and industry wide, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Following the pandemic, the need for rapid, and reliable testing has never been more important. With the industry growing at an exceptional rate, the need for securing talent to meet demand and innovation has become more competitive than ever.

Mackenzie Stuart has a team of global consultants specialised in all verticals of the IVD industry. Working in niche, sector specific markets has allowed us to become experts in the field of IVD, ensuring the service provided is at the highest standard.


Multi-omics is considered the future of biological analysis, this advanced approach provides precise and accurate insights into different parts of the cell. With cancer set to be the research area that will gain the most from this technique, the need for innovation and talent in the industry is growing exponentially.

Mackenzie Stuart has a team of specialist recruiters working solely in the Omics space, our niche and specialist knowledge enables us to understand your recruiting needs, consult you on the market trends and ensure a high level of service is provided.

Vaccines & Therapeutics

The global Vaccines & Therapeutics industry has been one of the fastest-growing sectors for Mackenzie Stuart.

We have in recent years seen exponential growth following the pandemic with the need for both Vaccines and Therapeutics becoming the most effective and cost-efficient way to protect billions of populations across the globe.

Mackenzie Stuart has an experienced team of consultants working exclusively across multiple Therapeutic and Vaccine industries with global clients to provide innovative and experienced leaders.

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