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A specialized, experienced team of consultants within Mackenzie Stuart, our Healthcare Services division offers both clients and candidates a tailored, bespoke service. Our sector specific team of consultants provides a compelling advantage to clients looking to hire the most talented and accomplished leaders within their specific industry.

As the global healthcare industry experiences a foundational shift, thanks to continuous improvements and disruptions we understand the complex dynamics of the marketplace in which our clients compete, and we help them in providing access to top talent.

Our expertise extends over senior care, behavioral, specialist clinics, women’s health, virtual & digital health, hospitals, health insurance, pharmacy benefit management, healthcare systems and wellness.

Aesthetics & Dermatology

Aesthetics and Dermatology are billion-dollar industries that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. These attractive market characteristics are a natural pull for return-driven investors.

At Mackenzie Stuart, our experienced consultants provide a custom approach by working closely with clients in support of their needs in the growing sector by offering market specific experience to meet the demands of the clients.

Autism & IDD

The prevalence of autism has been on the rise since researchers first began tracking it in 2000 and is now estimated to effect 1 in 54 children in the US alone, up from the estimated 1 in 150 when tracking began. This increase and newfound awareness for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities has seen a huge increase in the need for services that offer treatment therapies.

At Mackenzie Stuart, our accomplished and experienced consultants work closely with our clients in support of their growth through offering years of market specific experience and a bespoke, tailored approach in providing access to top talent.

Behavioural Healthcare

Behavioral healthcare is an industry that is constantly required to adapt due to the everchanging needs of the world. The industry has developed significantly over the last five years, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a lot of regulations being relaxed, allowing mental healthcare services and some substance use disorder services to be delivered virtually via telehealth. These changes have resulted in the acceleration of technology-enabled providers, where both in-person and virtual services are combined. Additionally, the rise of integrated care has also began to increase over the years, as often those suffering with mental health disorders or substance use disorder also have physical health co-morbidities. It has been found that integrating healthcare by treating physical illness, it can help improve mental illness and vice versa.

We have a team of consultants, dedicated to behavioral healthcare who cover all vertices of the industry. We partner with the leading behavioral healthcare organizations across mental health services, addiction treatment, autism, intellectual and developmental disability services. Our team work meticulously to understand exactly what our clients are looking for and we place executive candidates into roles where they are making ground-breaking industry changes and are at the forefront of the industry. We are a trusted partner of many national, mid-size and small/start-up behavioral health companies across the US and help them in securing the best talent on the market.

Dental Care

The US dental market is expected to be worth more than $30 billion by 2027, up from $15 billion in 2020. With this growth comes huge pressure for new and existing companies to bolster their teams with top talent.

At Mackenzie Stuart, our specialist recruiters work with clients to attract the best individuals in the industry to help them stay competitive in the booming and ever-changing market.

Digital Health

The digital health market is evolving at a rapid rate and the global population are more health conscious than ever. The stakeholder interest in improving the general health of a person, now extends past just that individual to include Insurers, employers, and health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in $14 billion of VC investment into digital health companies in 2020 – with this showing no signs of slowing down.  Health tech companies are transforming the lives of individuals suffering with chronic care diseases in scales of severity. The digitisation of healthcare has transformed the way in which people consume healthcare, making healthcare management increasingly more accessible.

The digital healthcare team at Mackenzie Stuart have worked with scaling start-ups and unicorn companies with record breaking fundraising rounds. Our aim is to utilise our market knowledge to match your requirements when making such important hires. The digital health practice at Mackenzie Stuart can advise on how to hire top talent who can make a real impact and add significant value.

Ophthalmology & Optometry

With the continued growth of the global population, health care providers are increasingly in demand. And more specifically Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. Eye Health is essential for every person’s day to day life and through dedicated Physicians our sight can be prevented from deterioration and recovered from injuries or illnesses.

Makenzie Stuart work closely with both private practices and large Ophthalmology and Optometry platforms. With experienced, knowledgeable, and well-connected Consultants, we fully understand our clients’ needs and have an established track record in recruiting experienced Eyecare Executives.


The Physical Rehabilitation industry has experienced extensive growth due to the ever-increasing demand for rehabilitation to treat injuries, disease, and medical treatment side effects. As life expectancy continues to increase and lifestyles have more emphasis on physical activity the market shows no signs of slowing down.

At Mackenzie Stuart, our accomplished and experienced consultants work closely with our clients in support of their growth through offering years of market specific experience and a bespoke, tailored approach in providing access to top talent.

Senior Care

The Senior Care market is constantly evolving due to the continued increase in life expectancy and changes consumer demands. Executives in the industry have increasing pressure to be strategic, competitive, and quick at adapting to constant changing environments.

We understand the complexities of the marketplace and have a team of consultants that work with global clients in providing resources, knowledge, and access to top talent. Our expertise covers, senior living, skilled nursing, home health, hospice care, palliative, and hospital services.

Speciality Pharmacies

Over the last 20 years, specialty pharmacy has grown from a concept to one of the leading forces in healthcare delivery. Specialty drugs now account for 46% of the total expenditure on drugs in the US, highlighting the demand for specialty pharmacy services.

At Mackenzie Stuart, we work closely with clients to support their vision for growth, offering the highest-level of talent solutions.

Urgent & Primary Care

The Primary and Urgent Care industries are worth over $250billion across the globe. With many new disruptive players coming into the market, executives are finding the need to become more innovative and strategic.

Our Urgent and Primary Care division utilize our industry-specific knowledge and market insights to work closely with our clients to source top talent within these specific markets.

Vetinary Services

Due to the ever-growing love and demand for companion animals, the Veterinary Services market is growing at an exponential rate. The explosion of new companies entering the market and looking to capitalize on this demand, makes it essential that the demand for staff can be met with the best available supply.

Our specialist consultants have an unrivalled understanding of the veterinary services market and extensive global network, specialising in mid-level management, executive and C-Suite searches. We partner with a range of organisations in the industry, from small private practices to international independent or private equity backed corporate buying groups.

Virtual Care

The Healthcare industry is experiencing a major digital transformation. On a global level the advancement in healthcare delivery is being revolutionised by technology and changes in consumer demand. Combined with the impact of the COVID pandemic on global healthcare systems, the rate of change across the Healthcare industry is unlikely to slow down.

Our virtual care division partners with cutting-edge industry leaders and pioneers driving change across the Healthcare industry including the widespread acceptance and utilisation of telehealth, remote patient monitoring and population health virtual services. The market is evolving, and our consultants are constantly at the forefront of this change. With a deep understanding of the characteristics needed to scale and maintain an efficient virtual care service in this changing landscape.

Women's Health

The global Women’s Health industry is an ever-changing market, which in recent years has seen extensive growth as healthcare services tailored exclusively to women have become essential to everyday life.

Mackenzie Stuart works closely with our global clients in providing market specific knowledge and access to industry experts to meet the increased consumer demands. Our expertise spreads across obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility, surrogacy, IVF, menopause, FemTech.

Our Healthcare Experts

Ross McCormack

Business Manager – London

Ross McCormack

Business Manager – London

Ross joined Mackenzie Stuart in 2019, after graduating from the University of Leeds. He was quickly promoted to Managing Consultant and now leads a team of consultants with expertise spanning across a number of industries.

Ross entered executive search with a focus on recruiting senior management and leadership roles within healthcare organizations across the US, specializing in Autism & Dental services. If you are seeking exceptional talent to help grow your organization, or looking to make your next move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Michael Bate